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Songs of Protest

Songs of Protest are inevitably about social justice, conflict, inequality, politics and power. They cover a range of genres from hip hop to hymns. To my mind they must sing to the heart and soul but not preach. That’s not an easy brief. Songs of Protest never go out of fashion however it seems to me that the Sixties in particular was a period where they were at the forefront of popular music. These songs attempt to channel that zeitgeist whilst exploring universal and contemporary themes.  These songs have been crafted with a chorus of voices in mind.

Ten original songs of protest Just click on the PDF. 

These songs are a counter balance to my West Coast Songbook.

The Heads of Department -  a parody about male dominance, particularly in politics, was adopted by Zali Steggall's support team in her famous campaign to victory over Tony Abbott in 2019.  This song is featured on my Music page.

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