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The Bradshaw Harp Story

Singer/Songwriter & Story Teller

Born on Tasmania's rugged west coast.  Tony spent time as a
miner and union rep before picking up an autoharp and writing
songs and stories about his spiritual home



"Tasmanian ears will be unable to avoid perking up during even
a casual listen."                                   Frances Vinall  Examiner 


"It is obvious that he has a great affinity to, knowledge of and love
for this area's history, people, struggles and landscape."

                                                             Stephanie Thorne  City Park Radio

 "Tony Newport is a product of place. That place is Rosebery
on the west coast of Tasmania. 
Here he came to know, and
respect, the men he worked with, their mining lore, their
characters, the stories they told and the way they told them.
All that runs through him like a bright 
reflecting river."

                                                                                            Martin Flanagan



Bradshaw Mill Song with Narration from Ian Bradshaw
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Also performing as The Southerly Busker

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